3 Reasons to Stay Active Well Into Retirement

memory care homePhysical and mental wellness are important at every stage throughout life — but it’s especially important as people age. Unfortunately, many people who enter retirement become more sedentary than is ideal, which can greatly impact their overall well-being. So let’s explore some key benefits of being physically active as people age and how this can easily be done.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Senior Citizens

Staying physically active during retirement is important for the mind, body, and soul. Here are a few key benefits senior citizens can experience when they’re physically active.

Better health: It’s no secret that regular physical activity can increase someone’s health, both physical and mental. Being physically active is important in keeping bones and muscles strong and increasing mobility, which is essential as people continue to age. Furthermore, a healthy body can fight off illnesses easier and help control existing medical conditions as well. Overall, a strong body and mind can help elderly people maintain their physical health.

Reduced stress: Being physically active can release endorphins in the body, which are chemicals that can promote a positive feeling. So when someone is physically active, they’re going to be less stressed, less worrisome, and overall happier. This is especially important for nursing home residents or those in memory care homes. Being away from family and friends is a big adjustment, so being physically active can keep their overall mood positive.

Increased socialization: One of the great things about being physically active is that it can help increase socialization. According to a recent study, people in their 70s and 80s who were physically active reported an onset of loneliness at 12.2%, as opposed to 22.6% for those who were sedentary. Doing physical activity like going on walks or taking wellness classes can help elderly people make new friends, talk to people with similar interests, and just have regular socialization. And socialization is increasingly important as people age.

How to Stay Active During Retirement

Doing regular aerobic and muscle exercises are great ways to stay in shape during retirement. Water aerobics, brisk walks, and even dance can all help elderly folk be physically active — and have some fun! Fortunately, many memory care homes offer classes and activities for residents so they can easily stay in shape. But even just getting outside for a daily walk can do wonders for both physical and mental health. It’s important to remember that as people age, simply getting up and moving in any way can be extremely beneficial.

As you can see, there are endless benefits of staying active during retirement, especially in facilities like memory care homes. While it may be tempting to fully enjoy retirement and relax all the time, getting regular physical activity is important for overall well being.