It can be hard to admit that your loved one might need the attention and care only found in an assisted living facility. Though it might be a difficult choice to make, nursing homes can help you care for your elderly relatives at the same time as providing them fun things to do. It is important for everybody to be constantly engaged in an activity, and according to data recorded in 2015, the retirees who engage in three or four regular activities are the happiest. One of the most important things to look for when choosing nursing homes is that residents have regularly scheduled and stimulating activities. Here are some great examples of nursing home activities!

1.  Birthdays

A home that has birthday parties contributes to the community aspect of living in a nursing home. It is a great way for residents to make friends.

2. Games

It might be a tired old cliche, but Bingo is a great game to play at nursing homes. Including prizes will add to the excitement. Other ideas for fun games might be Euchre, Bridge, Chess, and Scrabble. These all stimulate the mind and can foster social growth.

3. Art

No one is ever too old to enjoy the beauty of the visual arts. Whether your loved one paints, makes quilts, sculpts, or just likes to doodle on some notebook paper, art is a great way to keep the heart young.

4. Music

If a nursing home ever schedules local musicians to play for the residents, this is an amazing thing! Music can contribute heavily to mood and overall wellbeing.

5. Animals

Service animals can provide much needed care and love to anybody. There’s nothing quite like hugging a dog on a particularly hard day. Many residents have likely had pets in their lives and would surely welcome a furry friend with open arms.

6. Exercise

One way to keep both the mind and body active is through an exercise program. This is true of everyone but is especially helpful after a certain age. Something as simple as a walk can be an impactful way to stay active and strong.

7. Lessons

If there are residents in the nursing home who need memory care, an essential activity is continued learning. The subjects might not matter so much as the act of learning new things.


If the nursing home you are considering for the care of your loved one takes the initiative to engage their residents in any of these activities, it might be the right place for them. They will feel more at home and be more active, which will lead to an overall increase in their quality of life.