A Handy Checklist to Find a Good Assisted Living Facility

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An assisted living facility is built to accommodate seniors or other people who need partial support. Living in a facility that provides assisted homecare doesn't mean that you need 24-hour services which are typically provided in nursing homes. However, you need vital services at certain points during the day, such as buttoning your blouse in the [...]

When Do You Know It’s Time to Go to a Nursing Home?

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Getting older comes with its fair share of important decisions to make. As you begin to consider options for memory care facilities around the age of retirement, it can be hard to realize when you or your loved one should make the transition into a nursing home. Here are some of the strongest indicating factors that can help [...]

Searching For Peace: How To Find Happiness In Retirement

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Retirement has long been touted as the happiest years of life for many people. In fact, 48% of respondents to a survey about retirement said that they were happier in retirement than they expected. However, the transition from a hectic working life to a life of quiet relaxation can be a challenge for anyone unaccustomed to [...]

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