For some of us, life unfurls at a natural, sunny pace. Things seem to flow along just as they should and everything is fine with the world. But sometimes life takes a turn and we need to help a loved one, especially one who is having memory loss.

When a situation occurs that merits special assistance for a loved one, such as help with personal hygiene, it may be time to consider assisted living or a nursing home. At that point, it is imperative to inform ourselves as much as possible about the situation our loved one is facing. This is especially true if our loved one needs memory care assistance. In this case, hiring a caregiver or even moving to a memory care home might be necessary.

The person who fills the role of caregiver in the life of one who may need memory care assistance is a ray of hope and of sunshine. There are many challenges to memory care, such as administering medications, ensuring proper nutrition, preventing wandering, and managing the patient’s anxiety levels. These are just a few of the many challenges that the caregiver must face.

A caregiver does it all, and is there for the individual they are assisting with dignity and with professionalism. They truly deserve respect and admiration. Finding the right caregiver for your loved one is a crucial factor in making sure you take good care of them.

Assisted living facilities, including a memory care home facility, can range in size. Some may have over 100 beds, and others can be as small as less than a dozen beds. However, the United States has many residential care and/or assisted living facilities. There were approximately 22,200 in the country as of 2012, all taking care of individuals, retirees and others who could also be nursing home residents.

The memorable phrase “time marches on” has been quoted over and over, showing how true it is and how much of an impact the march of time has on everyone’s life. When a loved one goes to live in a memory care home, or a nursing home, it means even more to us than before.

These are the kinds of experiences we manage, and the experiences we rise to, with the help of trained and caring professionals such as those who are part of a nursing home staff. Yes, there are many challenges to memory care for a loved one, but there are also resources available to provide your loved one with the best assistance possible.