When it comes to assisted living, there’s so much to know. The average age of retirement is 63 years old, and that’s the age that many people find themselves moving into retirement homes for support and medical treatment. Despite the growing number of people who reside in assisted living facilities, there are still a surprising number of misconceptions about the industry. Here are just a few myths about assisted living.

  • Myth: Moving into a nursing home means a loss of independence.
    While it may seem as though your loved one will lose some independence when moving into an assisted living facility, that’s actually not the case. In reality, many assisted living facilities can determine the specific level of independence that the patient is capable of, and they’ll make an effort to provide for you in the very best way possible. Nursing homes provide a perfect balance of independence, healthcare, and social activities.
  • Myth: It’s cheaper to keep living at home.
    It may be true that most homeowners have paid off their mortgages prior to retirement, but the costs of simply maintaining a home can add up much faster than you realize. Between tax expenses, utility costs, insurance, and maintenance, you could still be spending several hundred dollars per month, if not more. Fees for nursing homes generally include entertainment, physical or occupational therapy, medical attention, and memory care. Receiving these services at home are more expensive without a doubt, especially if the patient has medical expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare.
  • Myth: Nursing homes are filled with sick people.
    This is just a total misconception. The majority of people in nursing homes live fairly active lives and are in good health. In fact, without being provided with the level of care patients receive in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, many people’s health would decline more rapidly. Allowing patients to move into a home that provides a certain level of health and social support enables our seniors to live longer and more fulfilling lives than they would have been able to if they had to continue living on their own.

Ultimately, assisted living homes are a trustworthy and reliable option to provide the elderly with the care that they need to enjoy their golden years. For more information about nursing homes, contact Felicita Vida Senior Living.