An assisted living facility is built to accommodate seniors or other people who need partial support. Living in a facility that provides assisted homecare doesn’t mean that you need 24-hour services which are typically provided in nursing homes. However, you need vital services at certain points during the day, such as buttoning your blouse in the morning or cooking a complex dinner in the evening.

There are hundreds of assisted living homes that allow people to maintain the brunt of their independence and receive quality services. But how do you choose the right one?

When you’re ready to start looking for assisted living homes that align with your needs, here is a checklist highlighting the most important factors you should consider:

1. Location

Every time you are looking for a memory care center, you will always be interested in its location. Choosing an Escondido assisted living facility ensures that your loved ones are able to come and see you regularly. It also eliminates the feelings of homesickness because you can easily commute to your family or your friends when you need it most.

Ensure that your local assisted living community is able to care for your needs when you look for options online. Luckily, Escondido assisted living centers and nursing homes offer a range of medical services to meet your every need.

2. Size of the Facility

Depending on where you go, assisted living facilities will vary in size. You will come across facilities with 10 beds and others with 100 beds and sometimes more. If you’re comfortable living in a larger community, a large facility might be the right option for you.

However, the size of the nursing homes may not matter. What matters most is the nursing home staff. The key to finding an assisted living community you love is by connecting with the staff and loving the location in which you live. That’s why so many people stick to Escondido assisted living communities when they look for options online.

3. Services Offered

Most of the assisted living homes offer a variety of services. This might include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Dining services
  • Medication management and support
  • Exercise and wellness programs

These are among the most basic services offered in a standard nursing home in the country. However, there is a possibility that your loved one needs extra services.

Luckily, more and more assisted living communities have started to offer Alzheimers and dementia care services. You will also come across a considerable number of senior living facilities that are offering diabetes treatment, depression, and mental care services.

4. Transition to Higher Care

With age comes the need for increased levels of care. There is a possibility that you are planning to take your loved one to receive higher levels of care at a certain age. Luckily, many assisted living communities and nursing homes offer resources and services for this next stage. Be sure to talk about this option with your Escondido assisted living manager for more information.

5. Cost

The amount of money that you will pay to an independent living facility will vary depending on location, the number of services needed, and other factors. Don’t hesitate to talk to your assisted living community manager about the services provided and the amenities your loved one will receive.

When you’re looking for senior living facilities that work for your loved one, rely on the Escondido assisted living community you can trust: at Felicita Vida, we take pride in offering the best living facilities for our patients. Don’t hesitate to talk to us today for more information.