Retirement has long been touted as the happiest years of life for many people. In fact, 48% of respondents to a survey about retirement said that they were happier in retirement than they expected. However, the transition from a hectic working life to a life of quiet relaxation can be a challenge for anyone unaccustomed to long expanses of free time. Discover these secrets to a happy retirement if you or a loved one are struggling with this new phase of life.

Maintain Your Health

According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, a person is more likely to say they have a happy retirement when they have better health. The great part of retirement is that you can structure your method for maintaining your health in nearly any way you want. If you want to focus on exercise, you can join a fitness class or get a group of friends together to regularly go to the gym, jog around the park, or take bike rides. For anyone with physical limitations, you can still maintain your health by focusing on creating a nutrition plan and living a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Social

A major challenge of retirement is the feeling of isolation. When you go from having regular social interactions with the people at your job to spending the majority of your time in your home, the decrease in socialization can seriously impact your mental health.

If you currently live alone, you may want to look into retirement communities, nursing homes, or other forms of assisted living. Not only do facilities like nursing homes make your life easier by providing assistance with everyday tasks, but they also enable you to meet people in the same stage of life as yourself. Nursing homes and assisted living communities often host events and activities, making it easier for you to have an active social life with people you can relate to.

Find A Purpose You Love

Having a purpose is the key for many people to be happy in retirement, especially for anyone whose passion was closely linked with their career. However, retirement gives you a wealth of free time to find new outlets for your passion or a new passion altogether. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs in retirement, look into volunteer work, consider starting a business, or set up an artist’s studio in your home.

Retirement doesn’t have to be something that you dread. Contact Felicita Vida Senior Living today to learn more about living the retired life you’ve always dreamed about.